What Her Clients Say…

Thank you for your healing, Ginny

Tremendously Healing

“I’ve been coming to Ginny for more than a decade, both for her ability to resolve specific physical complaints and because her massages are tremendously healing.  She’s the best massage therapist I’ve ever met, and I feel fortunate to have found her.”

Patrice Fitzgerald Attorney and Author

A Gifted Healer

“Ginny is a very gifted healer. I presented with an on again off again sacrum issue. Ginny was very thorough with her intake questionnaire. She also performed a physical evaluation. She was very gentle and consistently checked in to make sure she wasn’t applying too much pressure and was on track. She was very in-depth and confirmed her findings with me along the way. When we finished the actual table work Ginny had many suggestions for me and demonstrated them as needed. Ginny’s gentle and genuine style is comforting and much needed in today’s fast paced world. I recommend Ginny to anyone for any of her specialty bodywork. I have recommended people nearest and dearest to me.”

Lucinda Smith – Life Coach~Energy Transformationalist Host and Producer Healing Yourself with Lucinda Smith

Knowledgeable and Caring

“I have had the privilege of being a client of Ginny Hofrichter for the last eight years. After many attempts to alleviate my constant neck pain through chiropractic care, Physical Therapy, and various medications, I decided to give therapeutic massage a try. After two sessions with a recommended therapist, she suggested I make an appointment with Ginny ( ‘an expert with necks ‘). Ginny has helped me to manage my neck pain for years, as well as many other physical conditions. She is really great with backs, too! I highly recommend her as a knowledgeable and caring health provider.”

Teresa Duggan – Teacher, Hartford

So Glad I Found Ginny

“Craniosacral therapy has changed by life for the better.  It has been more effective than going to a chiropractor and physical therapy. Ginny is gentle but very effective.  She finds the knots and tight muscles and works them until they are released.  The session is relaxing and boosts my spirits.  It is a great stress reliever and has reduced the intensity and frequency of my headaches and has virtually eliminated my chronic neck pain.  I’m so glad I found Ginny!”

Michelle DiMartino – Finance Manager, Rocky Hill, CT

Simply Amazing

“Ginny is simply amazing. She is intuitive, flexible in her approach, and a healing presence. I like that she works to continuously expand her professional knowledge and learn the latest techniques and information. She has helped with headaches, muscle tension, anxiety and pain from a chronic running injury. In fact, out of several specialists including a podiatrist, an orthopedic osteopath, and a physical therapist, Ginny was the only one to provide significant pain relief to enable me to run.

Thank you for your healing, Ginny.”

Cindy – Communications Consultant, Tolland, CT

I Experience Relief

“I’ve been having trouble with yoga poses that place stress on my wrists, and Ginny’s work has been so helpful. Besides simply soothing the ache, the Polarity Therapy she uses somehow activates the strength and energy in my wrist joints. I experience relief that allows me to continue my yoga practice. And Ginny takes the extra step to suggest strengthening exercises that I can do between yoga sessions! She really takes good care of me…”

Nancy Simonds – Copy editor and proofreader, East Windsor, CT

My Chronic Pain is Gone

“After hip surgery I had chronic back pain for 15 years. I tried everything to relieve the pain. More recently I received treatments from Ginny, and now my chronic pain is gone….finally!”

Scott Mitchell – Sales, Bloomfield, CT

Ginny is a Gift

“Ginny is a gift and intuitive practitioner with a large toolbox, and she uses multiple modalities during each visit, depending on where her assessment and my response guide her.  I have been seeing her for the past 6 years.  I am physically active, both at work and at home.  The kind of activities I do (and some that I don’t anymore) started to take a toll on my body, and I had started to hurt all over in the morning when I got up, and then when I started moving around I felt better.  Yoga alone used to suffice, but I thought I needed more.  After my first appointment I felt so much better (straighter, relieved of pain, and more relaxed), and by keeping up with my yoga and other self-care the effects lasted quite a while.  In general I find that my self-care regiment of yoga and meditation supports Ginny’s work and helps the effects of each visit last longer.   I have not stopped being active, and have the same job, so I still have one session a month.  Due to life circumstances I have had to take a break on occasion, and literally sorely miss my sessions.  Other benefits include feeling more centered and internally balanced as well as having a body that is not tense and knotted up.

I am a regular client, and several months ago received Structural Balancing from Ginny for the first time.  It was so much less effort to stand up straight, and in fact I did it without thinking of it.  The work she did brought my body into balance, and the effects continue to linger.  I had never heard of the technique before, and now am definitely a fan.

One of the things I really enjoy about receiving bodywork from Ginny is that she regularly attends workshops and seeks to learn new techniques and improve her existing work to better help people.  In the past few years she added a new technique that I really like (Pain Neutralization).  It quickly releases the tension and pain in the muscle.  For some of the really tough places in my shoulders it works better than some of the other methods she uses.  She is continuing to develop the technique, and I am pleased to be the recipient of her increased knowledge.”

Gretchen Fisher Orr – Guide Dog Instructor, Vernon, CT

Ginny Really has Magic Hands

“Ginny really has magic hands.  She can feel — sometimes even before I do — knots and problem areas that she then somehow makes disappear!  I recommend her to you enthusiastically!”

Helen Rauch-Elnekave, Ph.D. – Licensed Psychologist, West Hartford, CT

Expert Skills

“Ginny has relieved the tightness and ache in my jaw which was due to continuous clenching of my teeth. I can now open my mouth without the resistance I once experienced thanks to Ginny’s expert skills.”

Denise Rose – Retired teacher, Glastonbury, CT

Dancing Again Thanks to Ginny

I have had the distinct pleasure of knowing Virginia Hofrichter for over 6 years. She came highly recommended to me from my Cranio Sacral therapist, who was changing her profession. After my car accident in 2001, I was left with some debilitating pain in my shoulder, arms and neck, which I was told would last my lifetime. I have been a dancer since I was 1.5, and do not take medications. Therapy was the only choice for me, and cranio sacral therapy was the only thing my body responded to for pain relief. Under Ginny’s care, I have been able to maintain all aspects of my busy life as a Mom, Controller, and mostly, Dance teacher, which I had been told by my physicians, I would have to quit. Ginny was also instrumental in my daughter’s recuperation from a gymnastics back injury. I would, and have, recommended Ginny to family and friends who have pain and are in need relief, or who just need some simple pampering.

Michele Lavoie – Controller Spargo Construction, Inc.