Stop suffering from headaches!

About 90% of all headaches involve muscle tension in the head, face, neck, and shoulders. This tension can be caused by*:

  •     Cranial misalignment06
  •     Spinal misalignment
  •     Head trauma
  •     Braces on the teeth
  •     TMJ syndrome
  •     Sinus tension
  •     Anxiety and other forms of stress

At Hands for Health, you will find therapy that addresses the muscle tension and structural misalignments associated with headaches.

Ginny Hofrichter’s massage techniques, Structural Balancing, and Craniosacral work ease stress at the level of the muscles, the bones, and the nervous system.

Over time, you’ll find that headaches are a thing of the past—or at least greatly diminished in intensity and frequency.

If you are tired of headaches, call Ginny at 860.344.9324.

*Please note: there may be other factors at the root of some headaches, like food allergies and medical or nutritional causes. Ginny has a list of other causes, which may be helpful in conjunction with therapy. She will be happy to refer you for help if necessary.